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Best Friend Photoshoot | Olathe Senior Photographer

"Jamming out to music and cracking jokes in the car is always a good time. Really any time with each other is a good time."

This is what the girls told me when I asked them what their favorite thing was to do together. To me this response shows what a great friendship they truly have. It doesn't matter where they are or what they are doing. As long as they are together they know they will have fun. So of course we spent the entire hour laughing together as we enjoyed the beautiful weather.

When these two Olathe North High School seniors told me the wanted to do a photoshoot together before they head off to college I was so happy. As a high school senior photographer capturing these special moments between seniors and their friends or family members is one of my favorite parts of a session. These are the photos they will look back on and fondly remember all the wonderful times they had together senior year.


"I think my earliest memory of Rachel was when she was cut my hair when we were little" -Ellie

These three have been friends since before they could even walk and have grown up spending close to every day together. As we talked about some of their favorite memories together I loved hearing all the many stories they had of each other.

My advice to these young ladies is to continue to be present in each others lives. As you get older that may be harder and harder to do, but an 18 year friendship is worth holding on to!

If you are interested in doing a Best Friend Photoshoot with your closest friends I would love to work with you! Shoot me a message and we can start planning!

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Senior Week is here!

Senior Week is finally here! This week I'm going to be featuring some upcoming seniors as they are getting ready to enter their graduating year.

"Senior year is going to be one of the most memorable moments for me. I look forward to all the events coming for my senior year including prom. Also the courses I get to learn from! I am planning on going to study for my masters as a pediatric nurse and I get to take a course to study more into nursing." -Sophia

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What is Senior Week?

What is Senior Week?

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