Photo by Becca Blackburn Photography

Photo by Becca Blackburn Photography

Hi. My name is Michelle Gould.

As a photographer there is nothing better than preserving the smiles, the hugs, the tears, the whispers and murmurs that make each family unique. My goal is to capture all the moments that make your family. I love incorporating things that are unique to you or your family in this season. Dream outside the box. Bring your favorite books, a favorite stuffed animal, a family board game, a mug of coffee, a family heirloom, a cozy blanket. Whatever speaks to what you love, what your kids love, and who your family is.

Who am I when I’m not behind the camera? I am a wife and mom. My husband, Josiah and I have the most adorable little boy in the world. (I’m only slightly biased.) Our goals run the gamut from the practical (we just bought our first house) to the silly (we plan to eventually visit every major league baseball stadium). On any given weekend you will likely find us hanging with family and friends, playing board games or sitting on our back porch with a good book. 

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