Sophia Senior Photos | Longview Lake

Sophia was the winner of my Senior Week giveaway from earlier this year and I was so excited to get to work with her again! 

Sophia also won the free fashion styling session with Vanessa Ball (IG: @momontheball) as part of her giveaway. The romper she chose for her photos was adorable....and had pockets! Any dress or romper is always made better by pockets. Am I right? Sophia will be graduating from Blue Springs High School and has plans to study nursing at college in the fall. Just in the short time I met with her I could tell she was passionate about her dreams and her future. 

Jessa + Drew | 1st Year Anniversary | Olathe, KS Photographer

When Jessa reached out to me a couple weeks ago about an anniversary session for her and Drew I was thrilled. Anniversary sessions are very near and dear to my heart. Every year my husband and I hire a photographer to have our own anniversary photos taken. I'll admit at first we did it because of my passion for photography, but in the last two years I realized something else. It was good for our marriage! It was probably about half-way through our anniversary session last year that I realized I had started to feel just like a newly engaged couple again! We were giggling, and flirting, and laughing, and just staring into each others eyes. I know, it sounds cheesy! But it was an hour of our time where we stopped worry about all the "stuff" we had to do. All the chores that needed to be done or all the errands we had to run. We even started to forget that the photographer was there! Our relationship evolves and changes a little bit each year and I love that we are able document it with photos. One of our favorite things to do is to create an anniversary session that reflects our personalities and our interests, something or someplace that was meaningful to us that year. We've planned our photo sessions around a camping theme, in an apple orchard, with our puppy, the location we had wedding photos taken, etc. That's part of what makes it so fun! 

My hope is that Drew and Jessa will find this to be true for them as well in the coming years. Turn it into part of your anniversary celebration. Plan a date night (or day) around it! Reward your hard work modeling for the camera with a fancy dinner afterward! 

Are you considering having anniversary photos taken like Drew & Jessa?  Contact me here  or let's grab some coffee or ice cream together and dream up an anniversary session for you and your spouse!


Lifestyle Newborn |Olathe Family

Lifestyle Newborn |Olathe Family

The pitter patter of bare feet running across the floor, the giggling and shrieks of little boys as they chased each other around the house. These were the sounds I heard as I was photographing sweet Baby B upstairs in his cozy little nursery.

Kansas City Engagement Photographer | Workshop

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to join a group of other photographers in the area for an Aspiring Photographers Workshop. This workshop was focused on a sunrise engagement session in the Westbottoms in Kansas City, Missouri. I've attended a few of these workshops and always look forward to the next one. I use this time to practice new techniques and learn from other very talented photographers. 

Here are a few of my favorite photos I was able to capture during our sunrise engagement session downtown. 

Behind the scenes photo credit to  Wunderkind Gallery .

Behind the scenes photo credit to Wunderkind Gallery.

Best Friend Photoshoot | Olathe Senior Photographer

"Jamming out to music and cracking jokes in the car is always a good time. Really any time with each other is a good time."

This is what the girls told me when I asked them what their favorite thing was to do together. To me this response shows what a great friendship they truly have. It doesn't matter where they are or what they are doing. As long as they are together they know they will have fun. So of course we spent the entire hour laughing together as we enjoyed the beautiful weather.

When these two Olathe North High School seniors told me the wanted to do a photoshoot together before they head off to college I was so happy. As a high school senior photographer capturing these special moments between seniors and their friends or family members is one of my favorite parts of a session. These are the photos they will look back on and fondly remember all the wonderful times they had together senior year.


"I think my earliest memory of Rachel was when she was cut my hair when we were little" -Ellie

These three have been friends since before they could even walk and have grown up spending close to every day together. As we talked about some of their favorite memories together I loved hearing all the many stories they had of each other.

My advice to these young ladies is to continue to be present in each others lives. As you get older that may be harder and harder to do, but an 18 year friendship is worth holding on to!

If you are interested in doing a Best Friend Photoshoot with your closest friends I would love to work with you! Shoot me a message and we can start planning!